P O R T R A I T S  .
Drift  120 x 60cm
Dive   124 x 122cm
T R A V E L L E R  S E R I E S.
E X H I B I T E D   P A S T   S E R I E S  O F  W O R K S

O C E A N S C A P E S  S E R I E S.
I M M E R S I O N  S E R I E S.
E X O T I C A  P A R A D I S O
An intriguing invitation  101 x 106cm.
The morning after - the party's over
197 x 137cm  SULMAN PRIZE Finalist
The early traveller   90 x 76cm
Elements 6   101 x 137cm .FLEURIEU ART PRIZE Finalist
Coastal Twilight  120 x 90cm.
Last Light I  107 x 167cm
The Big Parrot in a Little Package  - 122 x 183
"Embrace the place" 60 x 40cm
Tim Shaw with "But wait, there's more" 152 x 152
Immersion Study  60 x 50cm.
Plunge  137 x 83cm
Amazone Tropicale  96 x 86cm
Exotica Paradiso  96 x 86cm
Leaves & Lilies  91 x 122cm
Passing Strangers 198 x 137cm.
Emerald  120 x 100cm
Painting "Where I come from" 178 x 117cm - Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Collection
D A L L A S    L E S L E Y
All Content © Dallas Lesley
The Immersion Series is Dallas Lesley's paintings from exploring the reefs and marine life of Australia and around the world. First exhibited in Australia in early 2002, these works have been selected as finalists in several judged exhibitions, including The Manning Art Prize and The Fisher’s Ghost Contemporary Art Prize, and they have also been exhibited in New York, China, Fiji and Hong Kong. Captain Cook Cruises sponsored Dallas Lesley on her explorations of the reefs around the Yasawa Islands in Fiji in 2001 and 2002, and the Sheraton Fiji Resort hosted an exhibition of her finished works. These works are layered with texture and capture the essence of drifting weightlessly below the ocean's surface and diving into the reflected light from the world above.
The Oceanscapes Series captures the sea, land and skies rich with atmospheric forces. The fleeting moment at twilight when the sky and the sea are fused in electric blue and the hues disgorged at the beginning and the end of the day. Elements of this series are also evident in Dallas Lesley's Winged series - her main body of work. Paintings from Oceanscapes / Cloudscapes have been selected as finalists in many judged exhibitions including The Fleurieu Art Prize, the Canberra Art Prize, the Cromwell’s Art Prize and The ANL Maritime Art Prize.This series has been selected for private collections in Australia, the USA and Japan. The textural relationship in this series is the forms it evokes - "...with it’s heavy sweep of emerald coloured sky or dribbling lava-like folds of cloud at sunset.”. - Lenny Ann Low, Sydney Morning Herald.
Exotica Paradiso is Dallas Lesley’s interpretation of the exotic shapes and tapered forms of the luscious folliage and flora of our rainforests and tropical zones. Exotica is also evident in her Winged series - her main body of work. Leaves and petals heavy with luxurious scents, and the palpable elements of life-giving rain and the earth, give way to vibrant bursts of colour splashed from a palette rich with saturated hues, a semi abstract translation of the sensual contours of nature. Works from this collection have been exhibited in Australia and Hong Kong.
Texture, colour, movement - these characteristics are evident across all of Dallas Lesley's current and past series of works, with her use of multi-layered textural elements, light and shadow, to draw out a creative response to different ideas.
Over the years, the Portraits Series emerged through commissions for friends and self portraits, which were painted for the Archibald Prize entries and selected as finalists in the Berkelow Portrait Prize. Portraits of well known Australians were also painted of the singer, actor and entertainer, Christine Anu, and the author, celebrity and radio broadcastor Tim Shaw amongst them. The paintings of Christine Anu were selected finalists - one in the Brisbane Art Prize and the larger portrait was a finalist in the Percival Portrait Prize and acquired by the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville for the gallery's permanent collection.   .
The Traveller Series has been a finalist in The Sulman Prize in the Archibald, Wynne & Sulman Exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales with a painting titled "The morning after - the party's over". Heavily layered with impasto and sand, and showing a strong use of chiaroscuro, these works  interplay light and shadow to create dramatic visions in the spaces beyond. The presence and scale of the characters in her paintings gives impact in each work. Dallas began these works in her travels through Italy, Spain and France, and historic areas of Australia have also featured in this series. These paintings have been selected finalists in a number of art prize exhibitions in Australia and also exhibited in Shanghai.