P O R T R A I T S  .
Drift  120 x 60cm
Dive   124 x 122cm
T R A V E L L E R  S E R I E S.
S E R I E S  O F  W O R K S  -  P R E S E N T  T O  P A S T

Selected images from each Dallas Lesley series of paintings
O C E A N S C A P E S  S E R I E S.
I M M E R S I O N  S E R I E S.
E X O T I C A  P A R A D I S O
An intriguing invitation  101 x 106cm.
The morning after - the party's over
197 x 137cm  SULMAN PRIZE Finalist
The early traveller   90 x 76cm
Elements 6   101 x 137cm .FLEURIEU ART PRIZE Finalist
Coastal Twilight  120 x 90cm.
Last Light  107 x 167cm
The Big Parrot in a Little Package  - 122 x 183
"Embrace the place" 60 x 40cm
Tim Shaw with "But wait, there's more" 152 x 152
Immersion Study  60 x 50cm.
Plunge  137 x 83cm
Amazone Tropicale  96 x 86cm
Exotica Paradiso  96 x 86cm
Leaves & Lilies  91 x 122cm
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Passing Strangers 198 x 137cm.
Emerald  120 x 100cm
More on the portraits of Christine & Tim on the NEWS page
Painting "Where I come from" 178 x 117cm - Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Collection
D A L L A S    L E S L E Y
All Content © Dallas Lesley
W I N G S  S E R I E S
A Walk in the Bush  137 x 137cm
The Fire in Her Eyes  137 x 137cm
And Then There Were None  137 x 137cm
Exotic Destinations - 100 x 100cm