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"This painting by Dallas Lesley is a sublimely luminous piece. I have been to a couple of her exhibitions years ago, and have just recently seen some of her recent paintings from her new series. She has grown steadily, and further evolved her painting since she was a finalist in the Sulman Prize at the NSW Art Gallery. Worth looking at her website."
                                                                                                       Stephen Wilson, The Art Box, 19 March, 2014

“Imagine free diving down the cliff of an ancient underwater reef surrounded only by silence. Your eyes fill with the vibrant colours of the underwater seascape as your body relaxes into weightlessness. This is exactly the feeling when standing before one of Dallas Lesley’s underwater series."                                       

“Dallas Lesley creates works incorporating the movement of the ocean. They are adorned with precious pieces found washed up on the beaches..... motion and fluidity are present and represent the waves and coastlines where ocean meets land.”
Tracey Whiteford, Seaspray Magazine, Aug – Sept 2007

“Also in the Sulman Prize is Dallas Lesley’s revolutionary “The morning after – the party’s over”, which is done in what I learn is a signature style. This is compulsively Romantic, genre-based and determinedly figurative.”
                                                                                                                       The Happy Antipodean, March 2008

“Dallas Lesley's paintings explode with movement, colour and energy. Her passion for and affiliation with native and exotic birds has led to a hyper-real dance of birds in flight. A timeless journey of tantalising textures"       -
  Grant Wolf, Exhibition Catalogue, Sept 2007

“Dallas lesley has developed a contemporary style in which intense shimmering light, figures and the sea play an integral role…..her control of evocative light constructs a presence across her entire body of works”.
Valerie Cohen, Valerie Cohen Gallery Exhibition Catalogue, Oct 2002

“The view dominates her luminous acrylic on canvas works. And each work somehow dwarfs the viewer with it’s heavy sweep of emerald coloured sky or dribbling lava-like folds of cloud at sunset.”
Lenny Ann Low, Sydney Morning Herald, 6 Nov, 2004

“Dallas Lesley combines an intense use of tonal contrasts and chiaroscuro with a masterful understanding of perspective to create a work that is both subtle and engrossing.” 
Insite Magazine, Nov 2006

“In many ways these are curious works…interesting by composition, tender in their use of bronzed colouring and bathed in heavenly light.
Dallas Lesley’s works reflect the many influences of her extensive travel. Indeed these dramatic visions are the result of exploring areas across many varied cultures. However, the icing on the cake is surely the drama that emerges from Dallas Lesley's examination and interpretation of the interplay between light and shadow.”
Brush, Hart Galleries, Issue 14, 2006

“ Dallas Lesley's impasto style befits the subject matter she most often concentrates on, the old quarters of historic cities overseas. Be it a shady lane in a Spanish city or a cobbled street in southern France, Lesley extracts warmth and feeling from the ancient, sun-drenched walls and arches.”
Joerg Andersch, Hobart Mercury, Feb 2007

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