Tidal patterns, rippled surface textures, pearlescent reflections and crystalline glints of reflected light come together to form the works of the Opalescence series.
These are multi faceted paintings, underpainted with pearl pigments, with layers that are gradually built with heavy impasto, sand, pieces of found shells and sea glass found washed up on the shoreline, and introduced elements of laser cut shell, glass, and other collected pieces to engage our memory of the ocean and it's palpable moments.

The shimmering top layers are inks floated through resins, with additional layers of resin linework, dots and patterns to exaggerate the fluid motion of the sea and tidal streams. Translucent movement pulls against the solid mass of rocks, and hidden precious fragments are discovered as these paintings unfold.
O P A L E S C E N C E   S E R I E S.
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